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My passion is to live vibrantly while adventuring to truly be me — listening and connecting inwardly, loving endlessly, identifying the blocks that are holding me back, appropriately redirecting the course, and remaining infinitely curious and contagiously excited about living an awesome, true-to-me kind of life. I want to help you do the same! Can you imagine a world where everyone was living vibrantly?!


After spending many years looking externally for happiness, guidance and validation, I am done with that exhausting, soul-depleting way.


I am ecstatic, ECSTATIC to work with soul seekers, lovers, and anyone itching to escape the limiting self-truths and create a nourishing life that sets you free. Life is but a short journey, let’s dance in the wind, paddleboard as the sunrises, run among the wildflowers, eat to nourish your soul, breathe with such meaningful connection to your body, soul and spirit.

What Will Your

Success Look Like?

  • Eating for gut health and anti-inflammation.

  • Identifying foods that nourish and energize your soul.

  • Eating intuitively.

  • Redesigning your "busy” life.

  • Trusting and committing to your own well being.

  • Embracing your own voice and ideas to shine to the world.

  • Scheduling your week to address each of your values and needs.

  • Surrounding yourself with people, resources and activity that raise your frequency/make you shine.

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

  • Manifesting a life that makes you beam.

Once you start believing in, trusting, committing to yourself, what will your life look like, how will you feel? 

Will you regret taking action toward your soul song, best life, ultimate purpose? Definitely not! 

Coaching, Workshops & Retreats

Vibrant living and holistic wellness, include food, activity, connection, work and hobbies that you are passionate about. Identifying what works for your unique being in each chapter of your life takes intentional reflection, effort and support.  

Balance, to me,

is not always having each life aspects at equal weight; balance is looking at the chapter you are living right now -- career development, parenthood, self healing, spiritual connection, etc. -- and prioritizing your energy on the thoughts, habits and actions that will make you thrive, right now.

An extension of my journaling practice. A place for me to learn, process and hopefully teach and inspire along
the way. You'll find abbreviated and more consistent posts on my Instagram.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

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