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Vibrant Living. Holistic Health. 

I support midlife women + mamas, who are ready to ditch the autopilot living by stepping into their own power -- who they are, what matters to them, + how they want to dance through this life, root to crown.

Let's design your
vibrant life together!

Vibrant /ˈvībrənt/

Glowing from the inside out, from a life lead with a physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual connection that authentically illustrates your soul.   


Gemma Puddy


My passion is to live vibrantly while adventuring to truly be me — listening + connecting inwardly, loving endlessly, identifying the blocks that are holding me back, appropriately redirecting the course, + remaining infinitely curious + contagiously excited about living an awesome, true-to-me kind of life. I want to help you do the same, Beautiful!

I’ve been on my own vibrant journey for many years, + for the past few I’ve experienced the joy, sleeplessness + chaos of redesigning my life in this new chapter of motherhood--what an amazing roller coaster! 


Ultimately, my desire is for all women to live from their own authentic power, to feel peace, depth + clarity in day-to-day life. You, your family + the world need your shiniest self...but most importantly, you deserve to LOVE being you! xo

What Will Your
Success Look Like?

  • Re-designing your "busy” life into an aligned + heart-centered one

  • Trusting + committing to your own well being

  • Embracing your own voice + ideas to share with the world

  • Scheduling your week to address your values, needs + passions

  • Surrounding yourself with people, resources + activity that support you to shine

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones

  • Manifesting a life that makes you beam

  • Identifying a lifestyle that nourishes + energizes your body + soul

Once you start believing in, trusting, + committing to yourself,
what will your life look like, how will you feel? 


Will you regret taking action toward your soul song, best life, ultimate purpose? Definitely not! 

Balance, to me,

is not always having each life aspects at equal weight; balance is looking at the chapter you are living right now -- career development, parenthood, self-healing, spiritual connection, etc. -- + prioritizing your energy on the thoughts, feelings + actions that will make you thrive, right now.
Nicole Kahler.jpg

Nicole, Idaho

Gemma really has a gift as a coach. She knew when to provide comfort and when to call me out on my self doubt. She provided guidance for improving my personal relationships, nurturing my individual strengths, and establishing direction during a career transition. Her coaching process helped me recognize my goals while focusing on deliberate and purposeful actions. I truly believe that she helped me make some big life decisions and will be a great influence on my future.


Sara, Utah

Gemma was incredible, patient, understanding, and so so tuned into what I was communicating in terms of my needs and issues. She honed in quite quickly, taking a complex set of circumstances and arranging them in a way that I could easily see a bigger picture. I had so many lightbulb moments with Gemma.


The biggest change I've witnessed in myself is an inner calm about where I am in my career and how it's playing into where I am in life; I had so much anxiety about this before. Working with Gemma made me realize that the true goals I have for my life are being worked on through where I'm at, I just had some stuff to work out inside of me to come to that understanding. 

Celine Armstrong - CG Mag - 17_low res.jpg

New York

Gemma is so gifted at listening and helping others understand their inner-being. She's all about supporting women and helping us celebrate ourselves vs having the feeling that we are bragging about something. I love the idea of celebrating the gifts we have.


Working with her was an eye-opening experience, where my professional and personal goals were interconnected and ultimately formed a beautiful vision board. I am now able to lean into the person I was created to be and ultimately manifest what I truly want. Love her!

Vibrant Living Conversations A Podcast..png

As a life coach whose goal is to empower women to live their best lives, I’m excited to bring you tools, tips + local experts to help you ditch the autopilot living + glow from the inside-out by stepping into your true power -- who you are, what matters to you, + how you want to dance through this life, root-to-crown!

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