Vibrant Living. Holistic Health. 

I support midlife working mamas of littles, who are feeling overwhelmed + disconnected from their own needs + passions.

From my own dance as a new mama, I take my clients on a journey to align with their innate wisdom + live from their own vibrant power. 

Let's design your
vibrant life together!

Vibrant /ˈvībrənt/

Glowing from the inside out, from a life lead with a mind-body-spirit connection that authentically illustrates your soul.   


Gemma Puddy


My passion is to live vibrantly while adventuring to truly be me — listening + connecting inwardly, loving endlessly, identifying the blocks that are holding me back, appropriately redirecting the course, + remaining infinitely curious + contagiously excited about living an awesome, true-to-me kind of life. I want to help you do the same!

I want to help you do the same, Beautiful Mama! I’ve been on my own vibrant journey for many years, + for the past few I’ve experienced the joy, sleeplessness + chaos of redesigning my life in this new chapter of motherhood--what an amazing roller coaster! 


Ultimately, my desire is for all mamas to feel empowered to nurture themselves + others more fully from their own confidence + glowing self-worth. You, your family + the world need your shiniest self...but most importantly, you deserve to LOVE being you! xo

What Will Your
Success Look Like?

  • Re-designing your "busy” life into an aligned + heart-centered one.

  • Trusting + committing to your own well being.

  • Embracing your own voice + ideas to share with the world.

  • Scheduling your week to address your values, needs + passions.

  • Surrounding yourself with people, resources + activity that support you to shine.

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

  • Manifesting a life that makes you beam.

  • Identifying foods that nourish + energize your body + soul.

Once you start believing in, trusting, + committing to yourself,
what will your life look like, how will you feel? 


Will you regret taking action toward your soul song, best life, ultimate purpose? Definitely not! 

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Join me as I host conversations that support + inspire us to glow from the inside out. I question + explore alternatives to mainstream Western ways of living, such as ancient traditions, real food, + toxic-free products.


I thrive on one-on-one conversations + aim to create a community with the believers, change-makers + creatives, who are forging paths to enhance mind-body-soul consciousness, for ultimate health + wellness.

Balance, to me,

is not always having each life aspects at equal weight; balance is looking at the chapter you are living right now -- career development, parenthood, self-healing, spiritual connection, etc. -- + prioritizing your energy on the thoughts, habits + actions that will make you thrive, right now.

Coaching, Workshops + Retreats

Vibrant living + holistic wellness, include food, activity, connection, work + hobbies that you are passionate about. Identifying what works for your unique being in each chapter of your life takes intentional reflection, effort + support.  


An extension of my journaling practice. A place for me to learn, process + hopefully teach + inspire along
the way. You'll find abbreviated + more consistent posts on my Instagram.