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About Gemma




  • Root-to-crown chakra alignment

  • Lifestyle design

  • Self-empowerment + self-love

  • Heart-centered living


*Note: I am not a guru, doctor or counselor + by no means do I have this all figured out. However, I have pulled myself through a lot of limiting behaviors, am an obsessive self-help/wellness junkie, have finally become stoked to be me, + would LOVE to support you to do the same!

Who am I?

Hi, I am Gemma!

I am a chakra alignment coach. My passion is to live the fullest expression of my soul + support you in doing the same, Beautiful!  


I’ve been on my own vibrant journey for many years, + for the past few I’ve experienced the joy, sleeplessness + chaos of redesigning my life in this new chapter of motherhood—what an amazing roller coaster! 


I coach midlife women + mamas, who have been working tirelessly striving to be successful by western cultural standards + who are hearing their heart's whispers to align with their own inner passions, core values, soul’s cravings + heart-centered desires: 

  • Women who are exhausted from living various stories + truths to please various audiences + life roles -- wife, mother, friend, daughter, employee, humanitarian, etc. 

  • Women who are thirsting, not for the myth of balance, but for an inner glow + peace of mind from living intentionally on their own terms. Understanding that life is about chapters, growing step by step, from loving, learning, listening internally, evolving, + shifting priorities as appropriate. 


Imagine a life:

  • Where you prioritize, own + dance with what inspires, empowers + nourishes you.

  • Where you have an honoring relationship with food as creative, colorful, nurturing, pleasurable nourishment.

  • Where you beam about your self-loving + -honoring relationship with yourself as your source of radiance for every other relationship in your life.

  • Where you understand, embrace, then release what holds you hostage to being your truest self.

  • Where you feel hugged tightly, guided + supported by a beaming love much greater than yourself.

AND all of this while breathing into the chaotic, challenging, ever-changing day-to-day journey of mamahood, phewee! 


I can help you design this life!


How did I get here?

I was born in Chester, England + moved to Derby, Kansas when I was 11. I’ve been progressively moving west ever since.


I spent many years seeking happiness, guidance + validation externally through a “successful” + “busy” western life trying to be the thinnest, smartest, fastest, hardest working, blah, blah, blah. 

I didn’t fully know what it meant to “listen to my intuition” or “be in my body,” which left me feeling lost, alone, + lacking. By my late twenties, I had various college degrees, a great job, an awesome husband, a home + two dogs -- plenty of things that I was proud of -- yet I was burned out, sleep deprived, + angry. Deep down I knew there had to be another way.


Yoga was my gateway to a whole new way of living life -- from connecting with the flows of my physical body, owning my mindset, + cherishing the power of my unique soul. The journey, so far, has included countless hours of self-reflection, questioning my thoughts, yoga, meditation, personal growth + spiritual learning.


I now know that fulfillment comes from understanding + loving myself, for myself, my loved ones, + the world! So since then, my fierce curiosity to explore + grow has been fueled by self-love:

  • Listening to + trusting my body in how to nourish + care for her.

  • Tapping into my values + needs to schedule my weeks. 

  • Designing my thoughts for self-love + positive action.

  • Ditching my need to be productive, pushing through tiredness, achieving, achieving, achieving, instead to allow my femininity to flow + receive love.

  • Welcoming support + nurturance from others.


Yay, sweeeet freedom!


This is not to say that I’ve “made it.” I’m on my human journey, just like you are on yours, with ebbs + flows, yet slowly chipping away to more fully align with the vibrant, heart-centered, soul-led life that I am choosing to design.

Are you ready to design your vibrant life?
I'd love to dance with you!

How is my life on Mamahood?


Getting pregnant naturally, pregnancy, childbirth + motherhood fast tracked my growth, understanding + embodiment of mind-body-soul living: it was a rollercoaster of Chinese herbs, Kundalini yoga, a preemie, the NICU, then breastfeeding, pumping, + sleeplessness, wahoooo! 


Nothing compares to the physical, emotional, mental + spiritual experience of becoming a mama! I know that I blossomed into a new version of myself, + my life, of course, looks very different than it did before.


I knew that mamahood was my time to root more fully into my inner strength, wisdom + spark to be able to shine more fully for everyone (including me!). The daily dance is ever-changing, but having a peaceful, trusting, committed relationship with myself, root to crown, is the source of my power. 


What studies have shaped my views?


Officially, I have degrees in Landscape Architecture + Professional Communications, + have trained in graphic design, branding, public involvement, mediation, + facilitation. In following the call of my deep desires + passions, I have completed Holistic Wellness Coaching classes with an emphasis on gut health, Reiki, + am a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach.


Beyond that, I am a committed, passionate student of living my best, truest-to-me life! I’ve spent time learning about Ayurveda, women’s hormonal balance, the chakra system, blood-sugar balance, + mindset strategy, + I’m currently being called towards Kundalini + the Divine Feminine Energy.


For me, it’s not about fitting into one box of living, but rather, it’s about collecting wildflowers of wisdom to shape my own life bouquet!

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