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What is Your Brand of Energy?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Self-reflection holds the secret to living your most vibrant life.

What is your brand? How are you showing up in the world? And is that in line with you being the energy and shining the light that you wish to see?

I like to use this concept of using personal branding as an organizing factor to help me be mindful of the sum of my actions and thoughts; plus, I think it's a fun exercise.

To start with, the term “brand” first emerged more than a century ago as a way for cattle ranchers to identify their animals. In the late 1880’s, packaged goods like Coca-Cola started taking off. Brands were used to differentiate them from the generic competition. But as branding progressed, marketers realized there was more to the brand of Coca-Cola than just a non-generic name, it's about the energy the company puts out to the world, the way you experience that energy, and the way it makes you feel and live your life. And this comes from not only the sum of all its parts, but the intention and spirit at its core.

Brand is often thought of as a manufactured logo and identity, but truly a brand means different things to different people, and it develops, expands, responds, and shifts with the times, just like personal energy brands. There is definitely a common theme along the way based on core values or purpose, but each era and chapter of life brings new factors to address and adjust for.

Think of some well known brands -- Nike, Trader Joe's, Cabela's, Walmart. I am sure each of them makes you feel a certain way just thinking about it. Now think about a company whose brand isn't as prominent; what kind of impression, impact, feeling are they leaving on you or the world? Probably much lesser memorable ones.

I know that my favorite brands appeal to me for so much more than the logo. They are contributing positive vibes to the Universe through giving back, being ethically responsible and progressive, and constantly pushing the boundary to get better and shine brighter. THIS is how I want my energy brand to be!

A value-based intentional brand gives a company and its employees a mission statement to get behind, be excited about and guide strategic decision making. Without a solid brand, companies tend to wander half-halfheartedly.

And people are the same!

Granted most people have not created a "brand" in such specific terms, but many people live intently by their identified core values and personal missions. Those who don't have an organizing factor from which to live by tend to float through life.

Floating can be lovely. But for those of us striving to live our soul's purpose and shine as brightly as we can to raise the vibration of the World as much as possible, we must live intentionally!

We must observe, dig deep and be intimately honest with ourselves about how we are living our lives and what our brand is emanating -- does your reality align with your soul's calling or vision of living?

How are you spending you time and energy?

How are you nourishing and caring for your body?

Who are you spending your time with?

Who is running the show, mind or heart?

I really want to lead a workshop to help people identify and define their core brands, are you interested? Let me know!

Gemma xo

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