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Vibrant Living Defined

Updated: May 17, 2019

Breaking down my mantra for life.

Vibrant /ˈvībrənt/: Glowing from the inside out, from a life lead with a mind-body connection that authentically illustrates my soul.

I, more often than not, get a glazed over look when I start to talk about living life, making decisions and thriving on being guided by core desired feelings or values. I understand. Prior to identifying mine, I was chasing the American Dream and western ideals of success and beauty.

In 2011, I had the true pleasure of attending a women's conference where #DanielleLaporte was speaking. Being introduced to her spiraled me along the path of her book The Desire Map, A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul. From this, I identified five words that have defined my journey ever since (for the most part): creative, connected, free (yes, I see the irony between those two, ha), adventurous and VIBRANT.

However, since that time, I've realized that "vibrant" encompasses not only the healthy, happy, glowing mind/body/spirit definition that I originally intended it for, but so much more.

I feel vibrant when I...

...have my toes planted to the Earth. connecting with loving family and friends.

...creating and consuming real, colorful foods. giving instead of taking.

...exploring new ideas, cultures, and ways to thrive naturally.

...flowing and feeling the power of my own being.

And I feel vibrant because all these activities connect me to the needs and voice of my core -- to be energized by love, gratitude, self-care, inner trust and belonging.

"Vibrant Living" has become my mantra for life - does it make me glow, sparkle, radiate love, truly feel vibrant? If the answer is no, then the task, relationship, pair of shoes, type of food, has to be ELIMINATED or REDESIGNED.

The biggest life changers have been redesigning my stories about relationships. My marriage, self love, and work-life balance all became exponentially healthier, more fulfilling and vibrant once I realized that my mindset and, therefore, habits were toxic regarding all three. Elaborations on these are for another time, but the point is, if you don't know how you want to feel or what you truly value, you canNOT be living your best life!

What is defining your life? Are you intentionally designing your life to make you feel the way you want to feel?


Gemma xo

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