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Watching Your Life Movie: Are you the leading lady of your own life?

I was thinking about the first step of coaching, which I like to consider judgement-free observation. I like to have clients take some time to observe how they are living now:

* How are you spending your time?

* Who are you spending it with?

* How are you nourishing your body, mind, soul, + spirit?

* How are you feeling throughout the day?

* How are you energetically showing up?

It’s very easy to say that you are fine, that life is fine, all is good. But until you step back to observe + acknowledging how you are living + currently feeling, the busy autopilot living that ends with you crashing into bed or zoning out the day, keeps you in that safe yet status-quo blur.

A fun, funny way to observe your life is to produce it into a movie or play or whatever appeals to you, that you can watch from the balcony or front row seats with popcorn or chocolate covered raisins…+ a journal.

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