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The Gateways to Living Fully Alive - Touch. Sight. Smell. Taste. Sound.

The senses -- touch, sight, smell, taste, + sound -- are the gateway to feeling into your physical + emotional bodies. And feeling into those bodies takes commitment, learning + time. This Western world doesn't teach us to feel into our bodies or feel anything other than fine, good, productive, happy, sad, or anxious; yet feeling abundantly, understanding how you are feeling, how you want to feel, + how to allow feelings to flow through you is the key to living fully alive!

So! At this gateway, let's start paying attention to what lights you up via each of your senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, + sound -- embracing the tingles of each sensation + small pleasure in life! In this podcast episode, I simply guide you in tuning into each sense to enhance your ability to find pleasure + gratitude in life. Once you become more aware of your physical senses, your awareness of your greater physical + emotional bodies will follow:

1.) Touch. Silky pajamas, fresh grass, cool breezes, delicate petals, nurturing hugs -- what lights you up? 2.) Sight. What sights make your eyes sparkle? A colorful sunrise, bouquet of flowers, or farm-fresh meal? Children or puppies whimsically playing? Stunning architecture? 3.) Smell. Newly cut grass, granny's perfume, freshly ground coffee, "burned" sunscreen (oooo, I love this - beach time!), campfires -- scents can especially have a magical ability to whisk us into a memory or moment of pleasure; what scents bring joy to your body, mind, + soul?

4.) Taste. Homegrown blackberries, sloppy brie with red wine, fries dipped in a milkshake, spicy Indian curry, parsley-overloaded tabbouleh? Tastes can teleport us around the world + through time; what flavors liven your soul? 5.) Sound. Chirps of blissful morning birds; giggles of free-spirited children; epicness of thunder cracks; roar of concert crowds; crash of ocean waves -- what sounds bring you back to the beauty of being alive?




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