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What does mind-body-soul-spirit really mean? Part One: BODY

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Humans are dynamic beings. I believe that we are each ultimately spiritual beings from the oneness of the Universe, on this planet to have a human experience in our unique bodies, with these minds that are trying to make sense of the world + keep us safe.

That being said, as part of the experience, we get to understand our mind, body + soul as separate entities + as a whole of who we are on this planet.

The BODY is your physical temple of bones, organs, tissue, liquids, bacteria that your soul lives in. She is a humming system that all flows together to keep you breathing. Yet she also holds onto emotions + experiences, + she communicates with you in so many ways to let you know when something isn’t flowing.

When do you slow down + tap into your physical body, not your thinking mind, but your pulsing, flowing physical being?

  • Sitting + listening + feeling

  • Mindless flow through yoga, dance, running

  • Self-nurturing through massage, baths, breathwork

  • Freeflow journaling or sketching

Treat her like your best friend. Treat her like she’s the only person you are guaranteed to live the rest of your life with! Ask her - how does she feel powerful? Loved? Nourished?

Gemma xo

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