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Celebrating the TRUE YOU!

I LOVE birthday month (September)! I shamelessly adore my fellow Virgos + embrace taking the full 30 days to celebrate being me. …I know that this makes so many people cringe, + for those of you who don’t know me so well, you no doubt think my ego needs taming.

But you know what?! I spent too many years, + have too many clients who have also spent too many years feeling unworthy + living in self-doubt, -judgment, -blah, blah, blah. No more!! Truly. You are the only you. You are the only person placed on this planet to dance your dance for the world to glow from.

Yes, there are many stories, life experiences, cultural norms that try to pull us out of our own unique power. Re-owning your personal power, starts with getting to know + loving yourself from root to crown.

This is not about having a big ego + flaunting yourself to the world. This IS about embracing YOUR gifts to live in alignment with your True self for inner + outer radiance in the world. Here’s just a few ideas of how to do this:

  • Reflect on the compliments that supportive people in your life give you. Instead of dismissing them, write them down; let them percolate in your mind to see which ones you can proudly own.

  • Take a personality quiz — 16 Personality Types, What is Your Spirit Animal?, Which Friends Character Are You?, Enneagram, etc. Reflect on the results + what helps you see yourself + own your gifts from a new perspective?

  • Reflect on your life — when have you felt truly in your element, healthy, happy, + thriving? What were you doing? How were you treating + nourishing yourself? What was inspiring you?

Whenever your birthday month is, I encourage you to find ways to celebrate being you. (No one else even needs to know.) It's amazing how being grateful for your gifts can make you smile + help you see more pathways to embrace your you-ness, rather than feeling stuck living someone else's truths.

If you are craving support + a listening heart to step more fully into your personal power + vibrant life, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.




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