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Core Needs for Pivotal Times

My daughter was born on September 17, so for the last few weeks, I’ve been transitioning into this new life chapter. From pregnancy to actual mothering, my body has been healing + reprogramming, + my heart has been redesigning my thoughts to establish new expectations for how I nurture myself + show up in the world.

At these pivotal times, whether at the beginning or end of a chapter, or when life seems chaotic or overwhelming, it’s more essential than ever to come back to the core of ourselves + our needs. Yes, our bodies are able to impressively carry us through trying times, but that’s not sustainable for the long term. And when in fight-or-flight mode, for most of us in this world, our minds tend to overpower our heart with panic + bad habits. This is why we do the inner work ahead of time. This is why we take the time to understand our core, baseline needs, values, + passions, + why we train to tune into our hearts + quiet our minds.

  • How many hours of sleep does your body need?

  • What kind of meal plan energizes your body the most?

  • In your current life chapter, what is the priority of your values? Family first? Career first? What about giving, adventures, personal growth, community…where do they fall in order of importance to you right now?

  • What truly lights you up, + how are those things sprinkled throughout your week?

I encourage you to take the time to ask yourself these questions: find a quiet space; close your eyes; breathe in the peace + breath out any tension in your head, face + neck a few times; then ask + see what answers arise from your heart. Log, write down, diagram, or sketch your core needs, values, + passions in a place where you can easily + regularly review them. Use them to design your daily life + to keep you focused during pivotal times.

If you are craving support + a listening heart as you navigate a transition or as you realign your life to what Truly matters to you, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.




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