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Life Chapters: Freedom to Redesign Your Life

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

You get to intentionally choose how to design each chapter of your life! It’s such a beautiful thing. Releasing the old + welcoming the new, closing out past scenarios + opening doors to new ones.

Without intentionality + conscious, fun, creative design, though, you can end up carrying old baggage for decades, never allowing yourself to move forward + fully embrace the evolving version of you.

You can start this practice by looking back on your life so far. How would you define your chapters? What lessons did you learn from each one? Did you need to shut the door quickly + run in the other direction, or was it nurturing in opening doors to your next chapter?

Infancy, childhood, schooling -- these are similar titles for many of our first chapters of life, yet they can have very different meanings, emotions, + lessons learned for each of us depending on how we experienced them. Ideally this was a time for our root chakra to develop our grounding for life -- a solid foundation of security, stability, love, + trust for all other life chapters to be built upon.

No matter how your life chapters are defined, we each have the opportunity to start a new chapter whenever we decide that the existing chapter isn't working -- quit a job, change a relationship, move across country -- or when a pivotal event happens, such as pregnancy.

Taking time to reflect on the old chapter -- what did + did not feel aligned with YOU -- is a critical first step to intentionally setting up the next chapter to let your sparks fly + your YOUness shine -- to live by how you deeply crave to feel + show up in the world.

I'd love to support you on your path to this liberated, vibrant way of living.

Gemma xo

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