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Permission to Enjoy

Happy holidays! I don’t know about you, but December is a very full + rich month with all the holiday activities + traditions — giving + receiving love through gifts, time spent with loved ones, delicious food, + community celebrations.

Let’s not get immersed in planning for next year to miss the enjoyment of the now. The commercial world has done that for us: I saw Valentine’s Day items in a store recently, + it made me so sad! We can’t look forward to Black Friday for sales, or wait until after Christmas to think about Valentine’s Day, because we’ve gotten so far ahead of ourselves in consumerism that we are missing the joy of the now.

And how else does this play out? We worry about saving for retirement + forget to live today; we plan for our kid's future success to the point that we forget to cherish the innocence of their youth; + we battle the aging process + miss the awe of wisdom, vast experiences, + clarity that comes with each additional year of life.

I encourage you to grant yourself permission to enjoy this holiday season with unabashed childlike presence. Yes, I am an advocate of goal setting + planning, so I designate a few hours to reflecting on the year + thinking ahead, then I set it aside until the slower months of January + February, + get back to the magic of now.

Wishing you + yours a magical holiday season!




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