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Sensing into Summer

I LOVE the seasons + following Mother Nature's lead on how to live fully. For summer, with the long bright days, warm temperatures, + blossoming plants, our senses have the opportunity to be abundantly activated as we smell, see, touch, hear, + taste the vibrancies of the season. Yet, in the last few days alone, I've heard summer is so "busy," "crazy," + "flying by." I understand the notions, but it saddens me that time + time again, our culture is absorbed into the exhausting + anxiety-laden energy of "drowning in life."

Remember summer as a kid? Or even as an adult on summer vacation? The season is a magical time of endless playfulness + connection, enjoying fresh foods, spending more time with friends + family, admiring the lushness of nature. We feel more alive because our senses, the gateways between our outer + inner worlds, are truly in a heightened sense of aliveness.

Let's remember to embrace the magic of summer with just a few simple shifts:

  • Change the narrative from heavy to uplifting. Try using, "full + rich," instead of, "busy + crazy." Do you feel lighter + less burdened simply by changing the verbal energy?

  • Embrace your senses to feel fully alive. The pressures of life have a tendency to numb our sensing skills, so focus on smelling the blossoms, admiring the sunsets, feeling the sun's warmth, adoring the chirps of the blissful morning birds, + tasting the fresh picked veggies, to bring you back to the small, yet epic beauties of being alive.

  • And of course, breathe. I'll always remind you to slow down daily, for at very least, three deep belly breaths, to feel your heartbeat, the vibration of the air as it flows throughout your body, + to let your mind rest. Sigh, sooo freeing!

I'd love to support you as you step into the magic of life! Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.

Gemma xo

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