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Space to Breathe + Gain Perspective

"Space to breathe + gain perspective." When do we have time for this? Seriously. In the day-to-day lives of women who I coach, life is superbly full of all the things -- children, spouses, work, food, cleaning, finances, family, + sleep hopefully. They are thankful to find 30 minutes to claim as their own to exercise, journal, read, be still. Yet, without dedicated time to breathe + gain perspective, don't you find yourself getting to the end of each week, month, year, + wondering where the time went + what exactly happened?

I recently spent a few weeks in the United Kingdom. I had grand plans of creating so much content to share with you all, + of course, that didn't happen. My days were full of catching up with friends + family, sightseeing, + simply being. A few days into the trip, I redesigned my thinking to embrace the time for breathing + gaining perspective -- to observe other ways of living, eating, dressing, raising children, not with judgment just simple admiration + understanding that there are a bazillion other ways of living, + if something isn't working in my life, I CAN find another way. I am not stuck.

When you are rallying through your own day-to-day, with your own agenda + task list to complete, it's so hard to see where you are causing your own pain, + you certainly don't have time to figure out how to change your habits. And in your day-to-day life, you can convince yourself that your way is "normal" or the "only way".

Breaking out of your routine also helps you process what is important, + what can be eliminated from life. For example, eating more vegetables after travel or the holidays actually feels fabulous, but does going back to six-hour nights of sleep, or chaotic mornings to get everyone to work/preschool/daycare feel great? No! So take the new perspective as an opportunity to make some changes to feel how you want to feel.

When do you gift yourself time to not have an agenda, to not have a to-do list, + to intentionally reflect on what is working + what is not, what actually is important to you + what can be eliminated or redesigned into something meaningful? I encourage you to take time; the laundry + vacuuming will always be there!

I like to visualize this process as breathing a bubble of sacred space around myself daily. Within this bubble, I can take the time to look at each scenario with perspective. Without this bubble, the tasks + needs of the day weigh down + clutter my thinking (see the images for a depiction of this).

SO, take a nap time or a lunch hour regularly to breathe into you -- how are you feeling about life? What lights you up? What makes you hide? How can you add more spice/spark/vibrancy/authenticity...whatever your word is.

If you are craving support + a listening heart, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.

Gemma xo

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