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What Are You Making It Mean?

The human mind has a funny way of trying to make situations mean something -- good, bad, or ugly -- doesn't it? Yet thoughts are simply your interpretation of an event based on your life experiences + habits. They seem like truth to you, but any other person would have a different thought about the same situation based on their life experiences. This concept is powerful in understanding that YOU are creating your reality, truly. Let’s say that your mother-in-law has planned her holiday dinner at the same time as your family. What are you going to make this mean? A) She is inconsiderate. (Leads you to feeling annoyed). B) You will now need to attend two events in one day. (Leads you to feeling overwhelmed). C) You will talk to both parties to see if there’s possibility to move one event. (Leads you to feeling empowered + hopeful). And how do you want to feel going into this holiday season — annoyed, overwhelmed, or empowered + hopeful? Exactly!! :) You can intentionally design this thought-feeling equation as you go into the holidays — how do you want to feel? I can tell you that my three key desired feelings are 1) connected; 2) festive; + of course, 3) vibrant. How did I establish these feelings? From looking back on past holidays, as well as being clear on how I just want to feel always nowadays through journaling + generally paying attention to how I like + don’t like feeling. From understanding how you DO want to feel, you can take more ownership on what you are making certain situations mean. Guaranteed there will be multiple things that happen over the next several weeks that you could get grouchy about. But whether you are determining how you will show up, or are navigating the results of other peoples’ actions — take a moment to breath, reflect on how you want to feel, + therefore what thought you are going to choose to think. So during these months of celebrating gratitude + thankfulness, let’s consciously find an opportunity to love more deeply + be beamingly grateful. Let’s pop the thoughts of resentment, anger, jealousy, etc. + redesign them into ones of love. The fab thing about this is, that thinking loving thoughts frees YOU from the pain. If you are craving support + a listening heart as you navigate how you want to feel + redesign your thinking to match, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation. Wishing you + yours an amazing holiday season!




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