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Stepping into Your Calling for Change

This month has included a big shift for me as I stepped into sharing my own life lessons + insights on the podcast, my own true voice — unbuffered, vulnerable + me, me, me, eeek + yay! Like when I initially started the podcast, I got to the point where I was done telling people about my idea…about the calling that my heart was pulling me to do…+ I knew I just had to start doing it (at first, just podcasting in general, + more recently, in sharing my own perspectives for living vibrantly). In both cases, I was just annoying myself with the excuses + procrastination, while my throat chakra, the center of authentic self-expression continued to feel choked. However, I’ve started to embrace that this is actually my process in stepping into any new calling, habit, up-leveling, or mindset. I get inspired + find a need or vision for the change; I start exponentially feeling the physical, mental + emotional anguish of not changing, then I go into denial + fight it for awhile as my brain tries to convince me that I am more safe staying the same, + then the rebel in me, the part of me who refuses to stay in status quo + craves the next adventure, starts to take curious action, “ok, so what if we did start to do this + live in this new way…?” First identifying the vision for how this new thing will help me align with how I want to feel + dance through life — vibrantly alive, adventurous, connected to my purpose — gets me into the flow of this process, + then the ACTION is the key to implementing the redesigning of your life. I know it sounds oh-so obvious + simple, yet I see so many people swirling around in their own heads. The action, one step at a time, is where we can start to see, feel, + experience the fun of the puzzle, the joy of the personal growth journey, + the sparks of light coming from this new way of being. I definitely understand the frustrations + fears that come up along the way to change, too, but I’ll save that for another day.

  • Where are you feeling your calling to change?

  • What is your process for change?

  • How will you get to feel when you make that change + step into that new version of you?

I’d love to know what is niggling at your heart + calling you to change. If you are craving support + a listening heart as you re-design that niggle into a vibrant aspect of your life, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.




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