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What does mind-body-soul-spirit really mean? Part Four: SOUL

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Soul - the pure essence of who we are, beyond the physical realm.

I saved the “Soul” until last because it’s my favorite - someone recently told me, “well it can’t be all about me, it’s not my show.” If you, as the only YOU that will ever step foot on this planet, isn’t meant to fully live + radiate your own gifts, skills, purpose to the world, then who the heck will?

This is not about strutting a big ego + selfishly considering no one but yourself, but this is about stepping into your own power, fully. Learning who you are, what makes you tick, what brings you joy, + what systems (self-care, nutrition, exercise, boundaries, financial, etc.) you need to set up to allow you to live in alignment + honoring of yourself, while building community + serving others with your gifts in this world.

Ultimately, you are the expert of your life as this soul that chose to have a human experience in your physical body, + by choosing to do so, you are the only one who can create change for your life.

This is where you may feel overwhelmed, but when you also remember the “Spirit” aspect - you are not alone; you are actually one with the Universe, “God in you as you.” Your soul is a unique expression of Spirit living this human life for a purpose.

The mind or ego will try + keep you safe + focused on the worldly, day-to-day life, BUT your soul is craving to explore, follow your purpose, use your unique gifts + tap into the beauty of day-to-day + your Oneness with the limitless opportunities + wonder of the Universe.

Gemma xo

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