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What does mind-body-soul-spirit really mean? Part Two: MIND

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The thinking, processing aspect of your brain is your mind. The mind creates the stories + thoughts that shape your personal reality. It takes your life experiences + cultural norms, + shapes them into beliefs + habits that you live by, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Ultimately, the mind is trying to keep you safe, but “safe” to the mind sometimes means stuck in old habits that actually no longer serve you. Old thoughts can keep us from moving into the next chapter of your life + version of yourself.

Thought Logging - Slowing down + paying attention to the thoughts or stories that your mind is telling you is ESSENTIAL to realizing that you are NOT your thoughts + your thoughts are not you. You can redesign thoughts, once you are aware of what they are.

Thoughts create feelings, which inspire actions that create results (aka your life). Feelings are the driving force of this equation; you think + act in order to feel a certain way. And those feelings are what you radiate to yourself, your family, + the world; YET, the thoughts that you gathered from your life experiences are the pieces that you can choose to redesign. For example:

  • Thought Option One: “My passions are on hold while I raise my children.” This can lead to a myriad of feelings - disenchanted, resentful, caring, dutiful, etc.

  • Thought Option Two: “I am creatively incorporating my passions into my life as I raise my children.” This can lead to a different selection of feelings - creative, flowing, excited, evolving, etc.

Which set of feelings do you want to radiate to yourself, your family, + the world? Which set of thoughts will create your vibrant life?

Gemma xo

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