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Do I Trust Myself to Fully Show Up for Myself?

Ladies, why is this such a hard concept for so many of us?

Why are we willing to cut corners on our own health?

Why are we unwilling to gift ourselves the time to build trust + fully show up for ourselves?

Because someone told you that you should get the answers for your own life from an outside source - media, a doctor, a teacher, a book. Because someone taught you that this way of living is negatively selfish + not worthy of your time. Because someone made you feel that your life is only meant for giving to others + being constantly “productive.”

Let’s now reframe the question to help you redesign those stories to empower the true YOU!

✨HOW will start trusting yourself + start fully showing up to live from the guidance of your own heart for your true best interest?

TIP: Start by getting clear on how you want to feel in your relationship with YOU - exhausted + numb, or energized + loving?✨

I'd love to support you as you navigate this journey to realign with how you want to live. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.

Gemma xo

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