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Heart- Vs. Head-Centered Living

Learning to live from your heart is a pretty foreign concept in our Western world. We are taught to live for our culture’s definition of success — $ wealthy, high-ranking, skinny, doing-it-all with a smile, happy all the time — which is driven by our heads/mind/ego.

But to live aligned to Your True Self, the heart is what speaks your soul song. She is what will teach you to love, nourish, + live a vibrant life.

What does this even mean, you ask?!

Sit quietly. Take a few deep, slow belly breaths. Consciously relax your body — third eye, jaw, neck, shoulders, gut, hips (this is where I seem to hold tension most). Feel your heart open + beam with gratitude. Ask her what she wants you to know. Free write whatever comes to you, or continue to check in with yourself throughout each day + be open to the signs, prompts, inspiration, visions that your unique heart is using to communicate with you. It ll feel like a long time friend giving you a hug + releasing you from the pressures + “shoulds” of your mind. Sweet aligned freedom to live as YOU.✨

I'd love to support you as you learn to listen to you heart! Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.

Gemma xo


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