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Surfing or Sinking with the Seasons of Change?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, summer is winding down + fall is moving in. Whether it's Mother Nature's seasons, chapters of life, or even the ebbs + flows within a month, we are cyclical beings who are meant to evolve with the current circumstances to learn our life lessons + stay aligned with our most vibrant selves. 

This learning + alignment come from balancing both ends of the spectrum -- discomfort + comfort, structure + flexibility, giving + receiving, cake + spinach -- AND allowing ourselves time for play, reflection, rest, + renewal or redesign, as needed. 


Productivity, perfection + endless to-do lists can drive us into a monotonous drone of routine that doesn't allow space to find our balance + enjoy the beauties of each season. 


STOP!! Breathe, my friend. 


Life is happening. Seasons are rolling by. You + your children are aging. 


Will you allow yourself the time to breathe into the right now, wherever you are + however you are feeling, to nonjudgmentally observe:

1) What life class is in session for you right now? Are you learning or avoiding the lessons?

2) What does your mind, body + soul need as we wind down from summer + transition into fall?


If you are craving support + a listening heart to break out of monotony + into a vibrant life, I'm here. Email, call or DM me to set up a complimentary consultation.






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