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What does mind-body-soul-spirit really mean? Part Three: SPIRIT

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Spirit - Your higher power. The energy that is much greater than you, yet that is the oneness of the Universe that we are all a part of.

One of my favorite quotes + interestingly awakening moments is from Eat, Pray, Love - God is in us, as us. So yes, we talk about Spirit as a separate entity from us, but when we are living our aligned Soul purpose - we are basically plugged into the energy source most of the time…yes, we are still human with a thinking mind.

Someone recently asked me, “How do you know it is real?” I loved this question; it made me truly think. I responded by saying that I don’t have a need to concretely know (from my mind and logical brain) that spirit (Universe, God, Creator, Source, etc.) is real, BECAUSE I can feel it in how I now live my life:

  • I feel supported, trusting, loved, peaceful, complete.

  • My heart is light, not heavy.

  • I have clarity + purpose in living authentically, as myself, day to day.

Maybe everything that I believe isn’t real, I mean I do love to think that there are fairies and gnomes in the forest, hehe, but if these beliefs, or anyone’s beliefs, lead them to feeling inner peace + radiating outer joy + love to the world, doing no harm to others, does it matter if they are “real”?

How do you find your ultimate energy?

What are you radiating to yourself, your family, the world?

Gemma xo

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