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8 Ways to Navigate Change

A list to support intentional, life-expanding growth through change
8 Ways to Navigate Change

Change is life. Life is change. Seriously, no one minute is the same as the last! We create the illusion of sameness through routines, schedules, habits, stereotypes, traditions, to keep ourselves comfortable. Our brain loves to organize + predict how things will play out, but the point of life is to grow, learn, evolve, experience, + adventure in + out of our life chapters + on our journey to align with our truest selves!

In my podcast episode on this, I share several ways to reflect on how to navigate change in a way that aligns with what matters to you, how you want to feel, + how you want to dance through + into your next chapter of life. Embracing change allows the things that don’t work to flow through quickly + to open you up to the more expansive options that align with you:

  1. Stay focused!! What three things matter most to you at this time? And how do you want to feel? Realize that some things may need to leave the list for now.

  2. See the opportunities to grow + learn. What class is in session for you right now? What role do you need to play? (Rather than, "how quickly can I go back to my old comfort zone?")

  3. How do you want to reflect back on this time? Write yourself a letter from the future you about how you navigated these changes gracefully + with open arms to move forward into the wiser version of yourself.

  4. What are your non-negotiables for staying grounded in the person you want to be? How can you incorporate them into the new life? Root to crown: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

  5. What do you need to release or change the story about to be able to fly? (What blocks may hold you back? How will you find stability + safety in this new situation compared to how you did before?)

  6. Exercises: 1) Sit in the grass, visualize yourself rooted to the core of Earth, yet flexible + flowy with this season of change; 2) Dance the flow of all your feelings about this change out of your body; 3) Draw a sketch of all your ahas from above in a way that you can easily reflect/remind yourself of the plan.




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