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Re-designing Your Life Closet

Updated: May 24, 2023

A diagram of prioritizing life aspects appropriately to align with your needs, values, and desires
Designing Your Life as a Well-Organized Closet

Gouchos! Those are my middle school pants that I threw away recently after letting take up space it my closet for years + years + years, hehe! What are you holding onto in life that needs to be released in order for you to live fully aligned to who you are now + how you wish to dance through this chapter of life?

In this Vibrant Living Conversations episode "Re-designing Your Life Closet," I compare closet overhauling with life coaching. This one was definitely inspired by style guru Emily Krosnicki from episode #9.

Let’s move past the resistance of staying comfortable in autopilot living; pull everything out of your life closet + lay it out for you to reflect on, then re-design the closet to create space, time + energy for the areas, relationships, thoughts + feelings that allow you to live your true-to-you life now.

I’d love to support you on this journey! DM me if you’d like a listening heart to support.




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