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What does mind-body-soul-spirit really mean? Holistic Living!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I’ve spent the last four weeks explaining each of the four elements - mind, body, soul, spirit, so now I’m circling back to why I believe this matters in regards to life coaching + each of us living our best lives.

The Western world, for the most part, has taught us that we are a physical being with a mind that controls us, if we don’t will ourselves into “good” habits, AND that we need to seek advice to live our best lives from outside sources, like doctors, trainers, teachers, bosses, parents. The Western world also taught me that success was going to college, finding an office job with benefits, getting married, + having 2.5 kids. But guess what? I was on that track + felt exhausted + lost.

It wasn’t until I started to understand, that we are much more complex than a body with a brain that I was able to see how I was creating my own reality - in everything from how I viewed + treated myself, to how I worked + overworked, to how I allowed other people to treat me, + to how I was radiating in not only the world, but the Universe, AND to how I was not alone but actually connected to the magical energy system of all.

So, to recap:

Body - the physical temple of matter that your soul lives in for this life. She is a humming system that all flows together to keep you breathing. Yet she also holds onto emotions + experiences, + she communicates with you in so many ways to let you know when something isn’t flowing.

We tend to be so disconnected from our bodies - judging + pushing them to look a certain way. When you start to listen to how she is feeling + communicating, you can have a much more trusting, loving, relationship with her.

Mind - the thinking, processing aspect of your brain. The mind creates the stories + thoughts that shape your personal reality. It takes your life experiences + cultural norms, + shapes them into beliefs + habits that you live by, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Ultimately, the mind is trying to keep you safe, but “safe” to the mind sometimes means stuck in old habits that actually no longer serve you. Old thoughts can keep us from moving into the next chapter of your life + version of yourself.

Soul - the pure essence of who you are, beyond the physical realm. This is the True version of you, without labels, mind stories or thought, without expectation or appearances of who you shoulda, coulda, woulda be for the world’s expectations.

Spirit - the higher power that you resonate with beyond this physical realm of living on this planet. The Source that energizes your soul + has gifted you with purpose + unique skills; that allows you to feel ultimately supported, loved + worthy.

So, yes, you are complex! You are rooted to Mother Earth in your physical body, yet connected to all, + the greater Source through your crown.

Our journey as humans is to navigate this life experience by getting to know ourselves more. And how our body-mind-soul + spirit can dance together as a peaceful home, nurtured energizing system, + vibrant mama for ourselves + others.

To reiterate, none of these elements function alone, the mind-body-soul dance takes conscious, purposeful attention to get to know + honor yourself in all aspects. I’m thrilled to be taking this journey with you to uncover tools + tricks to help you live your most vibrant life!

Gemma xo

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